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Some Of Our Results

Benefited from therapy sessions
Of inital assesments were conducted within 6 weeks
Sessions per client on average
Quarterly feedback from clients showed high satisfaction and appreciation for the service.
Significant improvements observed in emotional wellbeing, anxiety, stress, and social isolation among clients.
Retained 80% of original staff members and nurtured 95% of befrienders into qualified counselors.

Some Of The Charities Standing With Us

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Issie’s Emotional Wellbeing Hub

Emotional Wellbeing hub

Our Emotional Wellbeing Hub is named in honour of our Operations Director’s late cousin Isobel
Munro, known as “Issie”. From a medical perspective, Issie was 42 years old, partially deaf, and blind and also had significant learning difficulties. What professionals would not have necessarily
known was that she had a huge heart, a great sense of humour, was a fan of Genesis and loved

Issie was considered eccentric by professionals and did not neatly fit into systems and organisations; her family continue to believe that she slipped through the net in terms of a lack of coordination within the professional support she received. Issie went missing from home in March 2016 and the family learnt that her body had been found in December 2016. She is believed to have taken her own life.

Our service is dedicated to providing a space to support clients who may be lonely, anxious or maybe looking to work through some painful and difficult childhood trauma. Our goal is to make sure our clients know there is always a place they can go to for support and know there is someone there to listen. We encourage all our Clients, friends, and family to reach out and talk to someone. 

Here at WTW, we could be a lifeline for someone who needs us. We offer planned sessions with Befrienders, a Qualified Therapist and a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, and sessions can be booked via our main hub number: 07523 908454. Please pick up the phone and let’s talk.

Please note: We are not an emergency service and would urge anyone who needs immediate help
to contact the emergency services on 999 or call the Samaritans on 116 123.

Hear From Our Clients

Your Generosity Helps Us Sustain This Service

We would kindly request a small donation as a contribution toward the support you receive, however, small to enable us to sustain our service.

Once signed up, please email your form to Loretta at loretta@walkthewalkcic.co.uk or call Loretta on 07523 908454.

What You Get

  • Initial assessment by our Consultant Clinical Psychologist to get you to the right level of support.

  • 50 minute session – delivered by our Befrienders, Qualified Counsellors or Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

  • Offered either virtually or can be arranged in a community venue local to you.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Why Do You Enjoy Providing Therapy Via Issie's Emotional Well-Being Hub?

For me, it is being help individuals that wouldn’t normally even consider therapy, some very resistant at first even, but as the time goes on and they start feeling safe enough, they start using the space and you witness the change in not only in them but also in their relationship with their family members.

– Nadia Delkasteh

I love working Walk The Walk! I feel very supported and looked after and think the work we do is invaluable for the families we work with.

– Louise Malin

An opportunity to really hear how clients are feeling, to be able to give them a voice and help them feel they are really being listened to without fear of being judged, an open, transparent safe space to help them feel valued.

– Elaine Fernandez

I really enjoy being a small part of the amazing work that Walk the Walk does. They recognise that in addition to the practical parenting support that is offered, Issie’s Emotional Hub is a fantastic resource that supports the mental health of the clients too.

It is a place the clients can come to receive professional support and know there is someone there to listen.

– Kate

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