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Our Speech At The University Of Greenwich

Our talk was very well received at the university. Here is their comment.

Dear Jacqueline,

Thank you so much for participating in our career event on Friday. It was very inspirational hearing your story and the work you do with Walk the Walk. I have the contact details you’ve shared for any students who are interested in learning more about or becoming involved in the work at Walk the Walk.

– Psychology Dept, University of Greenwich 

Feedback From The Henry Smith Charity

“Dear James,

Thank you for the progress report in relation to your grant towards three years’ project costs for an organisation providing support to families impacted by Child to Parent abuse in Hertfordshire, and apologies for the ridiculously long delay in responding to you.

I can see from your report how well you managed to respond the needs of the families you were supporting during Covid and I think the development of Issie’s Emotional Wellbeing Hub and Bubba’s Supported Child Contact Centre are really exciting and I look forward to seeing them develop over the next 3 years.

The positive impact you have demonstrated with the families you support is very impressive, particularly given the very challenging external circumstances, which is a real testament to the skill and commitment of your staff – which was very clear to see when I met you.”

– Annabel Collins, Grants Manager, The Henry Smith Charity

More Feedback From Our Clients & Professionals

“We thoroughly enjoy working with Walk the Walk. We have only had brilliant interactions with the team and Jacqueline is wonderful.”

–  Ben Paul, The BERRI

“One of my highlights of the last year was a wonderful sunny day spent working with a group of young people in the Hertfordshire countryside at the Nest.  It was facilitated by the team at Walk the Walk to enable young people to see the strengths they each possessed in themselves and the assets they had around them – great work by the Nest and Walk the Walk!”

Paul at Restoration LLP

My coping mechanisms are much stronger now so I have taken that from being in the group with you previously. So thanks for your help. Managing much better.

– Dad of 1, 52 years of age

I really appreciate your help. You are always there to listen.

– Dad of 3, 35 years of age

Thank you for your messages …. When I get a message now and then I don’t feel so lonely.

– Mum of 2, 45 years of age

I just wanted to take the opportunity to give some feedback on the support and intervention that Kishroy has provided whilst working with H kennedy.

Kishroy has been professional, understanding of the family’s needs, diplomatic, liaising with multiple services and provided us with daily updates.

Kishroy’s time has been appreciated and whilst professionals often complain I thought I would take the opportunity to compliment the service that he has provided to date.

– PS, Hertfordshire County Council Social Worker

Just wanted to send some feedback following you ending your work with the Baker (name changed for safeguarding purposes) family. I cannot sing your praises enough, you have been absolutely amazing with this family and I just wanted to thank you. It is very clear that you care very much about the children you work with and want what is best for them and you go above and beyond to ensure that they get that support. I know this family have been a challenge at times but you always keep me up to date and it has been very valuable for me to have your insight and views on what has been going on in the home.

I hope we get to work together again in the future as I think you are amazing 😊

– Social Worker

Zoe worked with a family that I have on my caseload throughout their childcare proceedings, Zoe worked with a mother of three children where there were concerns around the mothers parenting of the children, a lack of clear and consistent routines and boundaries, and her ability to effectively manage her own emotional responses to the children which inadvertently exposed the children to increased risk of harm. While Zoe worked with the family, one of the children was placed in a residential unit. Zoe worked with the family for several months – mostly virtually due to the restrictions around covid-19. Zoe was able to create a positive working relationship with the family, which had a very real, positive  outcome for the children involved within the case. To the extent that it was assessed that the mother’s parenting of the children, and improved engagement with support services, that the child was re-habilitated home.

It is evident that Zoe’s relationship building skills were a key factor in the success of this intervention, specifically in terms of working alongside the mother who had previously completed interventions with workers which were not successful. The parent always had positive feedback with regards to her sessions with Zoe and feeling supported, where previously she had felt viewed professionals as adversaries.

Zoe made herself available for ad-hoc case discussions outside of the formal meeting structures and always ensured that she followed up on actions on her behalf and to the assistance of the family. Zoe attended all relevant meetings and provided regular updates where appropriate, including conferences, CIN Meetings, court statements to a high standard and within timescales.

– Social Worker

The FSW joined our family when we were most vulnerable. She fitted in straight away and has been very valuable to us at our time of need. She was always understanding of any situation. Bubbly and playful when the time was right through to calm and a listening ear and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. She was always on time, very reliable and remembered every detail. She created such a great friendship with both of my children and although she will now be greatly missed the skills she has taught us all with stay with us. Thank you for all your help and support. 

– Parent

Thank you and your team once again for your service to Hertfordshire County Council.

– SLW, Brokerage, Hertfordshire County Council

It is wonderful to work with you.

– to the CEO from CC, Social Worker, Hertfordshire County Council

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