Things Are Slowly Going Back To Normal


  • End to social distancing.
  • Face masks are advisory but optional.
  • Hospitality sector is now fully operational.

Our Gender Neutral Vision For Phoenix

Combining both groups into one

Phoenix Against Domestic Abuse
“Good morning all. Phoenix is gradually moving towards a gender neutral space. This recognises that both men and women suffer domestic abuse and that gender is irrelevant. In the next 3 months, we will be looking to amalgamate the men’s and women’s groups together. This will enable us to be more efficient with our resources too and offer more than we can split between the two groups.
We will be still carrying out the same due diligence with both groups as they move into one to safeguard all within the group.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact us. I am excited about us leading the way in terms of a mixed gendered group. Abuse is abuse as we all know.”
– Jacqueline Gear, CEO

Going through a separation and don't have a plan?

This will help:

The Parenting Plan is a written plan worked out between parents after they separate and it covers the practical issues of parenting.

What about contact arrangements?

This will help:

We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions Gingerbread advisers have received from parents about contact arrangements.