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Upbeat Life help you take back control of your life and your wellbeing. “Beliefs and values are almost certainly preventing you from achieving the life you desire”.

Chris Freer, founder of Upbeat Life gives you guidance and support to do just that and attain the life you deserve.

Helping You Overcome


Limiting Beliefs

Past Trauma

Self Sabotage

Chronic Health

Bad Habits

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I have been working with Chris Freer for the past 3 months – and I am blown away by what has been achieved in that time. Chris has helped me name and reframe traumas, and has enabled me to remove heavy emotional burdens from my life.

His candour, care and demeanour provides the safest of spaces for his clients to grow and connect with their truest selves. I have felt supported and I cannot thank you enough!

I feel very lucky to have had a practitioner such as Chris as my guide and my champion! Thank you, thank you.

From my first session with Chris, I felt extremely comfortable, reassured and safe with his professional manner.

After years of living with mental health I have come to understand how to live a better life with a new outlook with the tools Chris has given me.

I highly recommend Chris to help anyone wanting to make positive changes in their life, he is a truly inspirational person who has lead by example in his own life.

Thank you for everything you have done.

– E. Smith

Before meeting Chris I was extremely unhappy and didn’t enjoy life, I was struggling to even get through the simples daily tasks. Since meeting him, Chris has helped me change my mindset in so many positive ways, in just a few short weeks.

I have never felt happier or more in control of my own life. He’s so loverly and he’s made me feel more ‘myself’ than ever and realise that I can achieve anything I put my mind to and my creative self is returning after years of feeling like I was in the dark.

Each week I feel more and more empowered and less anxious and low which has also contributed to my overall health improving drastically.

I have also learned new methods of relaxation and even opened up to hypnotherapy in order to find route problems. 10/10 recommend his services.

– Savannah

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