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Safe Sharing & Community Support Circles For Both Men & Women

A "Brotherhood" for men and "Sisterhood" for women

Since 2018 The Nest have been on a mission to create a safe space for both men and women, offering “brotherhood” and “sisterhood” support circles.

Weekly meet-ups in a safe and manager rural ‘Green Prescribing’ space provides a great atmosphere for vulnerable members of the cummunity.

partnered organisations and primary care services such Herts Mind Network and the NHS.

Weekly Free Meet-Ups

Averaging over 15 attendees per week.

Our weekly meet ups allow you to re-connect to your authentic self, to each other, to nature and the outdoors with likeminded people.

Our weekly meet ups allow you to re-connect to your authentic self, to each other, to nature and the outdoors with likeminded people.

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Local People

Expert Advice

We are proud to support thousands of grass root organisations from small fruit and veg plots on urban housing estates to large-scale rural care farms; transforming lives and connecting people.


At TheNest CIC, we believe that man made climate change is a reflection of our separation from the planet that sustains us. “Safely reconnecting individuals and their families with the Community with our Planet”. We believe that the Health and Wellbeing of individuals, communities and the environment are innately linked. This is why sustainability has always been at the very heart of what we do.

Training Programmes

Design and deliver innovative training programmes which empower and enable communities to thrive and grow. We provide practical support and training UK wide to thousands of grass roots organisations and groups.

A Message From River Ki Taylor (Co-Founder)

“Everyone who attends our ‘Safe Sharing Circles’ benefits in some way or other. By attending they share their issues and problems in a safe, accepting and non- judgemental environment. When we listen to other people’s real life experiences and stories, it helps immeasurably to understand our own life with more clarity. My wife and I decided to use our home and garden to create the space due to our own personal life experiences, struggles and illness. We feel honoured to be able to now be of service to others – and in a spirit of creating a compassionate community – by using our own life experiences to simply be of service others.”

What Members Have To Say

“I cannot stress how much benefit I have personally received from the male support group you lovingly provide for free.”
– A.W

“I have been attending this group for the last few months and it’s been a vital part of my recovery from domestic abuse and depression.”
– R.L

Get In Touch

Interested in attending our meet-up? 
Contact us using the details below:

River Ki Taylor
Tel: 07543 148 616
Email: riverkitaylor@gmail.com

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