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If enough people do, we will be able to secure the funding for this retreat to go ahead.

Spaces are limited to 8-12 parents, so sign up quick!


To get away and relax

To increase physical wellbeing

To increase emotional wellbeing

Extra Details

Take part in fun activities and unlock your potential. Explore your strengths, learn new skills and meet incredible, like minded people. Our plan is to have transformation coaches coming in to speak as well as fun activities, cooking sessions and more. All throughout the school day, so you can be back with your families for the afternoon and evenings.

The retreat will be free of charge for families. The dates are TBC, but it will be 5 days, between the hours of 9.30 am – 2.30 pm from Monday – Friday.

The retreat is an opportunity for a group of 8 – 12 parents to unlock their potential, by exploring their strengths, learning to practise self-care, cooking healthy meals on a budget and improving their emotional wellbeing. 

This is subject to enough interest. The more people that sign up, the better the chance of us securing the funding to run this retreat.

Who Are We & Why Are We Giving This Away?

A Little About Us

We started out in 2005 under the name Hertfordshire Practical Parenting Programme, with a vision to help families stay together and have a positive and healthy family life.

Knowing what it’s like to have a troubled childhood we want to make a difference in the world by using our negative experiences positively to spread awareness and help children grow up in positive and healthy environments.

The majority of our team are parents and we all recognise and agree that being a parent is a very difficult job and that we don’t always get it right, which often produces guilt, a sense of failure and judgement from society. But the reality is, as parents, we don’t always get everything right, and that’s ok.

Our why behind Walk The Walk is to make a positive difference and showing people that you can make positive changes at any point, on any day. Things can always get better.

Our Impact Helping Parents with Parenting

"What's In This For You?"

We are a community interest company, meaning we get funding from other generous companies, people and local authorities.

Our aim with this is to do something good for the parents in our community, with a hope that you will give us feedback and comments at the end, which we will take to help us shape future services.

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