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My coping mechanisms are much stronger now so I have taken that from being in the group with you previously. So thanks for your help. Managing much better.

– Dad of 1, 52 years of age

I really appreciate your help. You are always there to listen.

– Dad of 3, 35 years of age

Thank you for your messages …. When I get a message now and then I don’t feel so lonely.

– Mum of 2, 45 years of age

I just wanted to take the opportunity to give some feedback on the support and intervention that Kishroy has provided whilst working with H kennedy.

Kishroy has been professional, understanding of the family’s needs, diplomatic, liaising with multiple services and provided us with daily updates.

Kishroy’s time has been appreciated and whilst professionals often complain I thought I would take the opportunity to compliment the service that he has provided to date.

– PS, Hertfordshire County Council Social Worker

Thank you and your team once again for your service to Hertfordshire County Council.

– SLW, Brokerage, Hertfordshire County Council

Thank you for your support and advice and the help you provide me and my children.

– Dad 48 years of 2 girls

It is wonderful to work with you.

– to the CEO from CC, Social Worker, Hertfordshire County Council