Working Together, Hearing Your Voice, Finding Your Strength.

Working Together, Hearing Your Voice, Finding Your Strength

Moving families forward since 2005

Our Story

We started out in 2005 under the name Hertfordshire Practical Parenting Programme, with a vision to help families stay together and have a positive and healthy family life.

Knowing what it’s like to have a troubled childhood we want to make a difference in the world by using our negative experiences positively to spread awareness and help children grow up in positive and healthy environments.

The majority of our team are parents and we all recognise and agree that being a parent is a very difficult job and that we don’t always get it right, which often produces guilt, a sense of failure and judgement from society. But the reality is, as parents, we don’t always get everything right, and that’s ok.

Our why behind Walk The Walk is to make a positive difference and showing people that you can make positive changes at any point, on any day. Things can always get better.

Rebranding from Hertfordshire practical Parenting Programme to Walk The Walk

Why Did We Rebrand?

We Are Not Here To Instruct Or To Tell...

We wanted to put more emphasis on the core message of our brand and our unique approach toward clients and their situations. Our process is truly unique and we needed to portray that in our brand.

Our ethos is about being empowering towards the parent. Allowing them to find the strength within themselves to discover solutions to their personal challenged. We don’t instruct or tell you how to be parents, but rather we act as guardian angels you can count on to be there when you need us.

So What Now?

Going in the right direction...

Expanding our reach and having a positive impact on more families in need of our help, than ever before. Utilizing multiple platforms to spread awareness about what we do and make a direct impact in people’s lives, whether they are working with us or not.

Our experience is growing every day and we want to be able to share that with other parents, so creating a practise model is something we are currently working on, which will help us impact more families.

Meet Our Amazing Team

What Our Staff Have To Say About Us

Staff comments on their experience with Walk The Walk

“Working with WTW over the last eight months has been incredible. I have learnt so much about family support work and have been able to integrate my theoretical knowledge into actual support and seen many immediate benefits. I am grateful for all the opportunities the organisation has provided me including multiple training sessions. I am also hugely appreciative of the support I have received, from supervision with Jacky to peer supervision.

Lastly, I feel I should mention that I have felt like part of a true team at WTW. When I had personal issues going on at home, it was extremely comforting to feel the strength and support of WTW behind me.”

“The team are very supportive and understanding. Never have I worked for a company that looks after the needs of the employees so well.”

“I have really enjoyed working with WTW and have received lots of support and training opportunities. The team are great and I feel like I have progressed massively since starting last summer.”

“I am really happy to be working with a supportive team, peer support and team meetings allow us to share ideas and information effectively.”

Staff comments on the usefulness of clinical supervision

David (our clinical psychologist) has supported staff with clinical advice on a range of cases. Due to our robust relationship with David, we call him part of our leadership team. Not only does he support us with cases, but also provides an open door policy to staff.

“David has really helped me by making me feel more positive about the work I have done with a client even though I haven’t got very far and by talking me through some personal situations that arose out of a training course I attended.”

“I find my sessions with David very useful and he often gives insights that I would never have thought of. My sessions have been too long in the past where we have ran out of things to discuss but as my workload was light and is getting heavier, I’m sure I will have a lot more to talk about going forwards.”

“Clinical Supervision and having David available to answer questions or get a clinical lens on particular cases has been invaluable.”

“I have found clinical supervision helpful with complex issues especially mental health issues to provide me with a greater understanding of the difficulties faced by the individuals in the household and also how best to support them.

It has been a very strange year due to the pandemic but I have really appreciated the camaraderie of WTW to support one another through these difficult months of working remotely from home.”

David's Appraisal Of Our Team


“What is clear from very first impressions is the powerful mix of experience, skills and dedication to the welfare of the children and families the team supports. As a whole group they benefit from the individual experience that each staff member brings, whether that be as a qualified teachers, social workers, in counselling, childcare, youth work, independent advocacy, commissioning, management and leadership.”

Vast Variety Of Experience Prepare us For Any Situation

“Whilst some of those experiences lie with individual staff members, the systems that Walk the Walk have in place to provide excellent support and governance of the work also ensure that all their work with children and families can benefit from the experience of the team as a whole. The combination of formal and regular peer support, individual supervision, internal clinical consultation, clinical group supervision and meetings of the teams around the children and families ensures that the rich diversity of experience is available to inform all of the teams work.”

David's Overall Experience With Our Staff

“My experience of providing clinical supervision, consultation and support to the team has also allowed me to see that the team, and each individual member, can easily take on new perspectives and reach out for help and support when needed. This is an essential quality for anyone or any team working with complexity in care and emotional well-being –  none of us can do it all, we all need support and we all need to know when to ask for help. Walk the Walk does that and, combined with the formidable skills and experience that the staff team bring, is why you are so successful in supporting the families you do.”

Do You Think You Would Be A Good Fit For Our Team?

We are always on the lookout for new hiring opportunities

WTW invests in its’ staff members and provides a supportive and welcoming working environment. We recruit using safe recruitment practices and all staff are DBS checked and given a full induction including mandatory training before they start working with any client. 

WTW is a fully inclusive and believes every member of staff is a leader in their own right.